This website is all about Buxton and it's surrounding villages, namely Lammas, Brampton, Oxnead, Burgh, & Hautbois, and Skeyton, Swanton Abbott & Stratton Strawless. And I suppose we can squeeze Frettenham in as well. All residents and businesses within these villages can have one free entry on this site.
When this site talks of Buxton, it also includes the above villages. It exists primarily for the benefit of the local residents and businesses of these villages to place any information they wish onto the web, and anybody who needs information on Buxton and area can get all they need in one site.
It's a bit like a local directory with a world wide audience.
And add (hopefully) an amusing element along the way. It is our (somewhat unrealistic) goal to make this a one stop internet gateway, giving links and easy access to all sorts of information, be it entertainment, shopping, services etc.
Obviously there are items on this site from outside Buxton and surrounding villages, ie Aylsham Library/Hospital/Doctors Surgeries etc are all worthy of space. As are the Chinese & Indian restaurants! A list of local taxi firms is also included, along with Chemists. See Outside Buxton.
Given time, we may in the future add details of entertainments fairly local to Buxton, such as Solar Bowl and the cinemas in Norwich. Nag us if that is what you would like to see!
And we hope to include News, Views and Gossip, an online copy of any parish magazines, reports on what the Council are up to, and anything with relevance to Buxton. We will also endeavour to place links to various companies for online shopping, such as shopsmart, & amazon, but this will depend on time available.
Please note that the views made by the webmaster may actually be a right load of old squit, and nobody should really take too much heed. Have a laugh with us, and please do not take offence, as none is intended.

If anybody can think of something else that should be on this site, let us know.

For more information on how to include your business or personal information on this website, click here, or email the webmaster

And please remember that this site is done in our spare time, for cost, with a little bit of income from any advertisers.
If anybody wants to submit an article, letter or anything like that, we are only too pleased to receive them, and post them on the site.
This site is for Buxton and surrounding villages, and it will probably curl up and die if you lot don't do anything to feed it.
Many Thanks.