And just why exactly do you want to leave this lovely village?


Abbey Cars - Horsham St. Faiths. 01603 898747.


No filling up your tank in Buxton, the neareast garages are:
  • Aylsham. The garage is hard to find if you don't know where it is!
  • Woodrow Garage near Cawston
  • Coltishall
  • The Firs BP station, north Norwich near the airport
  • Alby Service Station at Alby, north on the A140 Cromer road towards Cromer.
  • Roughton.
For home/caravan use, bottles of Propane Gas are available from the village shop.

We intend to post the local bus timetables here. But, and it is a big but, we can not guarantee their accuracy, as ensuring the Bus companies send us a new timetable every time they change it will be a trying task.
Perhaps some kind soul who knows when they change could let us know.
We also intend to put up a list of local taxi firms, and they might want to put up some prices too. Also, we can take no responsiblility for incorrect prices, it is the responsibility of the firms concerned to notify us of any price changes. If they don't, well, what can we do?