Here's a note from Pam Dungar. Aug 2006.
Concerning the Bus Trip Picture.

The man 2nd from right back row is Danny Clegg, my late uncle.
His wife Joan is 3rd from right front row.
To her right standing is my late grandmother Lily Bumfrey. Next to her kneeling is her late brother Ben Gaff.
Ben and Lily lived at Birds Yard, Lammas, they may have been born there.
Lily married Walter (Bob) Bumfrey and later moved to Stratton Rd, Buxton.
Her 3rd child, my mother Gwen, was a pupil at Buxton School and lived in the village most of her life.
She was involved with the green club at school. My father John Ives worked on the school extention in the late 50's, early 60's.
I am sure that none of this is particulally relevant, but some may wish to fill in all the gaps they can.

Pam Dungar.

Thank you for that Pam. Anybody else fill in some gaps? WM

Here's a letter from Mark Forster. July 2006.


Have been looking at your excellent site via a search engine and wondered if you could help me, or point me in the direction of someone who may be able to.
My grandparents were billeted at Lamas vicarage towards the end of World War Two.
My grandfather was a Spitfire and Mustang pilot and from early 1945 to 1946 was based at Horsham St Faith with 64 Squadron.
Unfortunately, aged 86, he now suffers from advanced Alzheimers, but my grandmother remembers the "big house" on the road to Coltishall.
A Rev Newton was the vicar at the time. I am trying to find any information I can about the house, including any photographs, and what happened to it.

Looking forward to your help,
Yours sincerely,

Mark Forster

Here's a letter from Martin Hancock. Feb 2006

I should be most grateful if you could include on your site, where you feel appropiate, the following.

My name is Martin Hancock and I am trying to find my maternal great-grandparents.
The only information I have is that my greatgrandfathers name was either John Bond or John Walker-Bond whom I believe to have been born in Buxton but cannot find any records for the above named.
I have the two names because on his daughters first marriage he signed as witness as Jon Walker Bond but on her second marriage he signed purely as John Bond.
I believe him to have been born about 1855. I should be grateful if any village residents know of anyone of the above surnames in or around Buxton I would love to hear from them as after a ten year search I have not been able to trace the elusive gentleman for certain.

Yours in anticipation
and Many thanks

Martin Hancock

My email address is. m.hancock "AT"

Please replace the "AT" with a "@" in the above email.
This is a spam prevention measure.WM.

Here's a letter from Natalia A. McKenzie April 2005.

Hello Webmaster,

Loved the site - Buxton appears to be very isolated even now and presumably more so in about 1868 -9. Why then?
My grandfather's great-uncle, William Simon Roberts of Llanfwrog, was teaching somewhere in the area at a National School and just happened to add Sarah Ann Roberts to the family at that time.
What any self-respecting bilingual Welshman was doing perambulating about England for 14 years before he headed home we shall never know but every child had a different birthplace.
Sarah's older sister was born at Upper Gornal in the Midlands, the next child was born at Castle Combe, but in between they taught at Thornbury, Gloucestershire!
So the question is - did Buxton have a National School - or what other National Schools were in the area? What villages were around Buxton then?
Many thanks to anyone who can attempt to answer those questions.

Natalia A. McKenzie

Here's a letter from R. Henderson Feb 2005.

Dear Buxton webmaster,
Love the website which I found recently.
My wife and I lived in Birds Place, Back Lane between 2000 and 2003, and thoroughly enjoyed our time in Buxton. We now live in Norwich.
My observation was your entry for Birds Place (the house adjacent to Linden Lee).
When we bought the house, we had it surveyed and this dated the front part (which looks a bit cottagey) at around 1730, and the rear part to around 1859. This makes the front part much older than the adjacent Victorian house of Linden Lee.
An architect friend who visited us confirmed this as he dated the rather fine staircase and the original doors the front part has also to the mid 18th century. It occurred to us that it was thus probably the cottage which was extended in Victorian times resulting in Dunollie/Linden Lee.

I hope this information is useful, and it would be wonderful one day if an old photograph of the house turns up.

Renny Henderson.

I have contact details for Renny if any anybody should need to make contact. WM

Here's a letter from Malcolm Perkins. Feb 2005.

As a former resident of Buxton, from 1966 for about five years - and then just down the road at Stratton Strawless until about 1982 - I have found your village website contains some fascinating information.
Congratulations and I shall keep dropping in as work continues on the various sections. A very professional job.
Regards from Malcolm Perkins who lived at Brook Cottage in Brook Street with wife Judith and daughters Jane and Emma. A third daughter, Lisa, was born after we moved to Stratton.
Now there are also six grandchildren - five girls and a boy aged from 12 to two - living in various parts of the country.

Information request concerning a Mrs. Chapman of Birds Place. (Nov 2003)

A request has been received from Nick Hide ( for information about Mrs. Sophia Georgiana Chapman, who died in 1905, and is listed in the history section as being a previous tenant of Birds Place.
Mr Hide is trying to gather infomation about her family, and would be grateful if anybody could help.
You can contact Mr. Hide by the email given above, or by telephoning 020 8445 2787.

Recently someone contacted me about putting the details of their music tuition services onto this site.
Apologies to that person, as a recent system failure caused me to lose all details!
If he could contact me again.....

A Plea from John Masters
Buxton Church to Oxnead Tunnel
(Oct 2003)

When I was a youngster I heard stories about a tunnel between Oxnead Hall and Buxton Church. This was supposed to been used by Cromwells troops during the Civil War. My late cousin who used to work at the Hall told us that somebody entered the tunnel, but a mixture of flooding from the River Bure and foul air drove them back. Can anybody confirm this and if so do they know where the entrance is in Buxton Church.
John Masters

A Note from John Masters
Reminiscences & Personal History.
(Jan 2003)

You can not guess the surprise today when I came across the Buxton Web Site. I was born in Buxton just after the war, 1946 to be precise, in my grandmothers front room, 2 Council Houses up the Crown Hill, I think it's called Aylsham Road now. The last time I drove passed there I saw concrete gnomes in the front garden under the window of my birth.
My Grandmother was Ethel Riches and is buried in the Church yard with my Grandfather Robert Riches and my Great Grand Parents John and Susan Riches along with my Aunt Bessie.
I have been living in Southern California with my family for 16 years now having emigrated from England in 1987.
After my father died my mother Myrtle Masters (Riches) came to the U.S. to live with me. She is the youngest daughter of Ethel and Robert who had thirteen children, two died early but the rest lived well into, and over 90.
My Aunt Ruby still lives in Buxton as well as my cousin Margaret and her son Steven.
Keep up the good work and I'll be dropping in from time to time to keep up with the news.
John Masters
Lomita California

There´s More...

Well I've finally been able to sit down and take a good look through your web-site, and it's a credit to you.
Browsing through I've come across a couple of photo's with people I know and am related to. The first is in ' Villagers' , The first photo of the coach passengers, seven of them are my relatives: 2 Uncles, 2 Aunts, and 3 cousins.
According to my mother it must of been taken about 1950/52 on one of Woodcock's trips.
The second is of George Derisley delivering milk on a horse and cart from Ivy's Farm - I can just remember him doing this.
Also when I was a bit older I went with him when he was a part-time gamekeeper for Portfleet (I think), and we used to scare the crows off the the spuds with a 12 gauge and shoot Hares.
I still have relatives living in the village and have both Grand-parents and Great grand-parents buried in the church yard.


We have had an enquiry from CANADA about Old Smiths. Tara (Smith) Huard wishes to track down details/relatives of a Man Named Smith who left Buxton for Canada. If anybody knows anything, let us know and we will pass it on, or you can email Tara directly -

My grandfathers name was Benjerman, but he came to Canada at a young age.
I am particularly looking for Benjerman D. Smith or Thomas J. Smith and their father's name was Herbert George Smith. Herbert was born Nov 14th 1856 and Thomas and Benjerman were killed in WW1 and are on the memorial in Buxton church. We would like to know if they had any other brothers or sisters and any documentation of them from the church would also be fantastic. Thank You so kindly for your time and help.

Feb 2002 - We have had PENNY from CANADA fill in our Survey


A message from Scott Swabey.
Hi from the webmaster of buxton youth fc. I am currently down at the falklands and will be back in march. I wish all a happy xmas in the village that know me and wish you all a happy new year. I will send some pictures by e-mail of the penquins and stuff whilst I am here for you to put on the site if you wish
(Webmaster:Sure Scott, send em on.)
Cheers Scott
Buxton Youth FC U14 have won the last two matches and are playing at home in a cup match on the 6 Jan at the rec it would be nice for all in the village to go and support if they win this they are through to the next round. My son Thomas Swabey is the leading goal scorer and has recently been in the North East Norfolk News in the Hatrick Heroes slot.

Scott H Swabey

Scott's pics are now up on the Buxtonians Abroad page.

AH HA! We have had some comments sent in from the good ol' US of A using our Survey
From: Caralen MacKenzie-Hicks
How Heard of Site: Random Browsing
Who am I: An Alien
What a delightful site! As you can see I marked myself as an "alien" since I am not from your wonderful Norfolk. I had the pleasure of visiting Norfolk in April and during my stay in Aylsham found my way to Buxton. After a short ride on the Bure Valley Railway I spent a splendid morning walking around Buxton/Lamas before returning the few miles to Aylsham on the railway footpath. I too have been producing a community website for the past 3 years (Peaks Island, Maine, USA -   ) though you display much more humor than mine has. My site is read mostly by people wanting to visit the island where I lived until just recently and wanting to know what is available for their vacationing pleasure. Like you, I have produced the website in my spare time just as you do (my real job is in education), and have at times found it hard to update as often as I would like. I hope to return to Norfolk next summer for futher exploration. Norfolk reminds me in many ways of my home state of Maine here in the U.S. I'm sure I will return to you site frequently over the next year. Keep up the good work!
Caralen MacKenzie-Hicks Brunswick, Maine USA

It's nice to know people appreciate the site, rather than moanin' and whingin' all the time.(WM)

Letter Reference No 100.
From: source unknown.
Date: 20/3/2001 14:23
Subject: I'm angry!!!
I just thought I would like to say hello to the person who threw up near my house on Brook St the other night, at about 10:20 ish.
I hope you suffered the next morning.

Message Ends.