Placing Personal/Residential/Organisation(Clubs and Societies) information on this website is FREE to all residents of Buxton and the surrounding villages.

Businesses get a brief entry of Name, very brief description & contact details, and a link to their own website, on the Shops & Businesses Page
There is a small charge of 15 per year for this.
A logo down the left hand side of the site costs 15 per year. This can link to either the bigger entry on the Shops & Businesses Page, or link to that businesses own website.
Businesses may have additional adverts/information over and above the brief entry.
There are charges for this, subject to content. These include logos, graphics, links and detailed text. A dedicated webpage hosted on this site can also be arranged. There will also be charges for any updating/ammendments made to those details.
Amending the brief entry details incurs no further charge.
To place your details, either email the WebMaster or fill in the following form.

All details entered below will be added to the site for all to see, UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.
To hide certain details, enter "HIDE" just before you type them in, ie in the Name section enter HIDE P.Jones.

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The details are

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