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A History of the
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Mr. Mike Virgo of Mill Street has been in touch. He has, over the course of 1000´s of hours, transcribed the Burials and Weddings data from Buxton Church records from 1700 onwards onto his computer.
Anybody who has need to access these records can contact Mr. Virgo.
01603 289212

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July 2009: A Trip Out. More names, and photo numbered for clarity.
July 2009: The Railway. New corrected information as kindly supplied by Mr Andrew Barnes of the Bure Valley Railway. added some names to fit the faces.
Jan 2003: The Bus Trip Picture, added some names to fit the faces. Top left picture on the People page.
Jan 2003: Some family details and reminiscences from John Masters, see the Letters section.
Dec 10th 2002: An article by Roger Rice on the History of the Post Office. See the Between The Wars section.
Nov 6th 2002: The Sewell & Wright families family tree is online. We will replace it with a better version soon. One with links to text and pics.
Nov 5th 2002: Pictures of John Wright and the Sewells added. Click here.
Nov 3rd 2002: Another picture of the Mill added. Click here
Nov 2nd 2002: Altered information regarding the two crashed planes during WWII.
Thanks to Mr. Crane at Hill Farm, Buxton for the correction.



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